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Rooted Essence strives to bridge the gap between botanical science, herbal medicine, and a healthy lifestyle, allowing our clients to get back to their roots and take control of their life and the lives of their loved ones in the most natural way possible.  It is now more important than ever to foster an understanding and connection to our natural world, and that is precisely what we help our clients achieve.

Wild leeks - botanical consulting


Rooted Essence consults a broad client base ranging from private companies and landowners to public agencies and non-profits.  We strive to deepen our clients’ knowledge and understanding of their surroundings, keeping them rooted to not only the plants themselves, but the historical use of the flora on their land.  We specialize in botany and ethnobotanical education in the Great Lakes region.

We help our clients identify and census the natural flora on their property, whether they are common weeds, invasive plants, or medicinal and edible plants growing in their very backyard.  We enlighten our clients about how the plants on their land can be incorporated into their everyday lifestyle along with the historical use of the plants for medicinal purposes.  Interested in getting back to your roots? We can help you do just that! We are helping bridge the gap between botanical science, herbal medicine, and a healthy lifestyle.  Our services will allow you to identify and safely use and incorporate the plants on your land into your diet and lifestyle.

Trout lily, ethnobotanical surveysBotanical Inventory and Ethnobotanical Consulting

Ethnobotany is classified as the field of study surrounding human relationships and interactions with plants.  Gaining a deeper understanding of the plants around you helps you develop a deeper connection to the Earth, one that allows you to understand and utilize the gifts the earth offers to you.  Rooted Essence can perform floristic surveys for both native and non-native plants on your property.  We will document the plants and provide you with an in-depth botanical inventory.  If you are interested in how you can utilize the plants on your land, we will provide you with ethnobotanical guidance to help you familiarize yourself with the plants, their uses, and their historical importance.  This guidance will help you incorporate them into your lifestyle in a way that is convenient, safe, and sustainable for both you and your land.

Custom Ethnobotanical Guide to the Medicinal Plants on Your Property

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Following our ethnobotanical surveys, if you would like a more thorough guide to the intriguing plants on your land and their uses, we will provide you with a custom electronic and printable guidebook for your personal use that will contain the following information:

  • Thorough ethnobotanical inventory
  • Pictures, descriptions, and identifying plant features
  • Herbal, cultural, and medicinal uses
  • Herbal recipes and remedies
  • If requested, guidance on how to manage or restore land to promote further growth of desirable species.
  • If requested, pressed voucher specimens to help you familiarize yourself with the plants.

Plant Identification Walks

Looking for a more one-on-one interaction with the plants? Our botanist will guide you through your property, identifying and even flagging plants of importance for your personal use.  This will allow you to feel more comfortable using the plants independently.

Invasive Plant Identification and Management Guidance

Invasive plants can be a hindrance to the health of an ecosystem.  They compete with our native plants for sunlight and resources, often overtaking pristine habitats.  As a steward of a parcel of land, it is wise to be aware of their presence and attempt control efforts in the early stages of invasion.  While some invasive plants also have medicinal purposes, we will inform you of how to utilize these invaders accordingly if desired. We have ample experience identifying and managing invasive plant species.  We will document the invasive plants on your land, record their location, and recommend management options for their removal that are sustainable and ecologically sound.

Private and Group Classes

We offer a variety of personal or group classes throughout the year.  New classes are announced through our Facebook page and Twitter page, so LIKE US and share to stay up to date!  Once new classes are announced, we also update a Classes page on the website.  Examples of class offerings include plant identification, tea blending, herbs in the kitchen, fermenting, and more!  If you have a suggestion or class you would like offered, feel free to contact us!


Questions and price inquiries can be directed to rootedessence@outlook.com!